In TRANSLATIONS/TRADUCCIONES we are specialized in translating and
proofreading the following types of documents:
Operation manuals, quality manuals, engineering documents,
international quality standards, brochures, product technical
specifications, technical documents, insurance forms, among others.
Articles of incorporation, powers of attorneys, interrogatories,
claims, police reports, corporate by-laws, corporate resolutions,
different types of agreements, patents, trial transcripts, apostilles,
letters rogatory, and different juridical documents.
Proposals, company policies, company's profile and history,
corporate correspondence, invoices, confidentiality agreements, etc.
Promotional documents, brochures, Websites, advertising letters,
presentations, etc.
Personal documents:
Diplomas, school certificates, birth and death certificates, marriage
licenses, personal letters, etc.
Certified Translations
in the US and Mexico:
Upon request, we will provide your company with a Certificate of  
Attestation, which certifies, under a Notary Seal, the accuracy of our
work in the United States.
In Mexico, for a document to be officially valid it must be translated
by an Expert Translator authorized by the
Tribunal Superior de
Upon request we can also provide you with this certification.
Translations Traducciones.
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